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  • About Quarries of Queensland

    Quarries of Queensland is a successful company with extensive experience supplying quarry products and services to the mining and construction industry. Established in 2006, Quarries of Queensland offers a specialised service throughout Central Queensland supplying a full range of quarry products and onsite crushing and screening.

  • Quarries of Queensland operates at several sites throughout the Bowin Basin which include:

    - MORANBAH: Skyville Quarry located 20km south of Moranbah
    - CAPELLA: Eureka Quarry located 23 kilometres east of Capella in the Lilyvale Mining Area
    - CLERMONT: Mazeppa Quarry located 80 kilometres north of Clermont
    - SPRINGSURE: Mt Curio Quarry located 7km east of Springsure

  • The Quarries of Queensland Culture

    Quarries of Queensland prides itself on providing exceptional service and continually produces high specification products for clients with a focus on repeat business. Quarries of Queensland is a quality assured company with an outstanding safety record and excellent customer relations.

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